The Process

When contracting with Lenders Recovery Service, you are getting much more than “a guy with a tow truck running an address once in the middle of the night” – You are getting a team of professional and experienced skip-tracers and investigators who will take your repossession account and look deep into
the situation in an effort to gain as much information on the debtors life and habits as legally possible.

Every new account gets a run the same day/night that we receive it – usually within minutes of receipt.
If the unit is not seen, a detailed first-run update will be entered and sent to you. On the second day, another day and night run will occur while the office staff begins the investigation checklist. On the third day, if allowed, contact will be attempted at the debtor’s home and listed place of employment. Field Agents are specifically trained to gain a wealth of information without putting LRS or our client in a situation of liability. Information obtained by the Field Agent will then be processed, investigated, followed-up on and relayed to you in the form of another detailed update.

Lenders Recovery Service’s staff is committed to continually working your account and providing
accurate and timely updates (at-least two per week) until the account hits a legitimate dead-end, the
debtor pays current, or the client closes it out. We achieve this utilizing several methods, such as

Lenders Recovery Service is a full user of Recovery Database Network (RDN), ClearPlan, and Digital
Recognition Network (DRN). We also use/have-used iRepo, eVIPER, Re-Pros, etc…