Lenders Recovery Service utilizes the latest advancements in repossession industry technology and techniques.

At the time your recovery order is received, the account is immediately placed into our web-based recovery management database called Recovery Database Network (RDN). All office staff and Field Agents have password protected access to all relevant information necessary to affect a successful recovery, 24-hours per day. Agents are notified by the database of a new recovery order moments after the order is placed in the system. Once notified, Agents will usually run the given addresses right away in order to recover the clients’ collateral as soon as possible. LRS CC Int

Field Agents use new Panasonic Toughbook computers with integrated internet ‘air cards’, which are professionally mounted in the their vehicles. The mobile access to information allows real-time data transfer between the Field Agent, the LRS office, and the client via RDN.

In addition to the RDN Database program, LRS employees use an industry account/address mapping program called ClearPlan. ClearPlan shows all addresses on all accounts currently open with the company on a Google map. With the ability to visualize all open company accounts overlaid on an interactive map, Field Agents are able to work more efficiently and effectively in their geographically assigned area. If desired, ClearPlan allows a Field Agent to apply filters that only display specific types of company accounts. For example, a night Agent may only wish to display and work brand-new accounts, whereas a day Agent may display and work new accounts and also accounts that have already been ran at night and now require a day-time door knock. LRS CC Side

Lenders Recovery Service is a user and major supporter of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR or just ‘LPR’) technology. LRS owns and operates several sets of high quality and highly technical four-head ‘camera kits’. These LPR camera kits are placed on custom-made brackets and mounted inside ‘camera cars’ which each run sixteen hours per day. Our camera cars scan several hundred-thousand license plates per month, all over San Diego County. Using this technology, we are able to locate client collateral at addresses and locations that the client does not have – this is particularly helpful for skip accounts. Every license plate on every recovery order that we receive from any client is entered into the LPR system for our company (and for any other repossession agency that has bought into the LPR network) to look for. There are literally hundreds of LPR cameras looking for your collateral’s license plate all over America, on any given day or night of the week. Usage of the LPR system increases recovery rates for the repossession agencies that use it, and helps clients recover skip collateral which may otherwise have never been found. LRS CC Rears

All LRS company vehicles are GPS equipped and are constantly monitored by office staff and other employees, such as Field Agents. Everyone knows where everyone else is. This keeps the honest, honest, increases Agent safety and awareness, and helps to increase Agent efficiency. In the event that a client calls with a ‘hot pick-up’, we can dispatch the closest Agent to the pick-up address for a speedy recovery. LRS company vehicles are also equipped with mobile camera recording equipment to aid in the investigation of complaints (service and damage) and for usage in training and evaluation of Field Agents.

LRS Cams1